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Alex Miller


Meet the entrepreneur that’s disrupting the credit repair industry, Alex Miller. Alex is the CEO of Alex Miller Credit Repair and has become known as “The Credit Score Guru”. Alex grew up in a small town called Sunset, LA with a population of only 3,000. Regardless of his small-town upbringing, his mother always inspired him to dream bigger than his circumstances. Alex says that in the 7th grade in his history class, he read an inspirational quote that gave him hope to one day become successful and to be able to take care of his mother. He tore the page out of the book and read this quote every day to himself. The quote reads “It’s not my fault if I was born poor, but it will be my fault if I died this way.” And this was the very quote that set his young heart on fire to one day become successful. 

In elementary school Alex had a knack for music, so he joined the school band and learned to play the trumpet. Later in life his love for music grew into dreams of one day becoming a rap star. 

Having dreams of one day getting a record deal, he started recording songs with a local group from New Orleans, La but all too soon he was introduced to the fast life of drugs and alcohol. By the tender age of 18 he was already in full flight from reality and found himself abusing drugs & alcohol daily. Alex found himself in rehab and he knew if he wanted to live then his path would have to change.

His grandmother suggested that he join the Marine Corps but he got kicked out after failing a drug test directly after boot camp.  Soon he found himself back home in Sunset, LA waking the streets alone, crushed & disgusted. 

Even at his lowest points in life he held on to his vision of one day being able to retire his mother. When he realized the stigma of being an alcoholic was ruining his dreams he moved with his younger sister in Atlanta, GA to start a new life.  He mustered the courage to apply for a corporate sales job at American Express. Even though Amex required him to have a college degree, he applied anyway placing his faith before his reality. During the job interview his radiant personality touched the heart of the sales floor manager and he landed the job and got his first shot at making 6 figures. He quickly rose through the ranks and became American Express #1 rookie of the month & later became sales rep of the year! 

It was in his five year impeccable sales career at Amex that he realized how important it is to have great credit and the power of having a high credit score. His commission check was based on how many of his clients got approved for Amex loan and he realized credit was king. As his sales career soared based on his approvals his heart went out to his clients that did notget approved. Alex began to study how credit works with the thought that he could help change the lives of others. He began studying credit and credit repair. He went on to master the Laws that regulate the industry, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair and Accurate Transaction Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, HIPPA Law & The State Statute of Limitation on Debts.

Before he knew it, he quit his job at Amex and relocated to Houston, Texas.  This is when his own company, Alex Miller Credit Repair, was born in a small 2-bedroom apartment with the second bedroom being a home office. Already having a natural talent in sales & marketing he used free social media outlets like Instagram & Facebook to post the results of his clients to draw in more clients. Within the following 9 months he went from having his best friend as his only partner and employee to outgrowing 5 office locations in Houston and becoming an overnight international company with over 100 plus employees from America to the Philippines. He built an International company without ever stepping foot outside of Houston! Alex coined his credit repair process “The 3 Round Burst” which is now known as the most effective way to get inaccurate negative accounts deleted off credit reports. In the last 3 years, Alex Miller Credit Repair has helped over 10,000 clients repair their credit and purchase the cars, homes and businesses of their dreams! The company has earned well over $15 million in revenue and Alex has even been featured on the front page of Yahoo Finance as one of the top businessmen to watch in 2020. Alex has recently partnered with Credit Fixrr Technology Inc to offer DIY Affordable Credit Repair Services on a cutting-edge online platform. 2021 will be a year for the books so stay tuned!