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Financial success is something that is important to just about everyone; however, this can also be something that is challenging for many people to find. Those who are looking to uncover tips and secrets to financial success need to learn from those who came before them. That is where Alex Miller is helpful.

Alex Miller came from humble backgrounds, born in a small town that had only a few thousand people. Despite this, Alex always knew that he wanted to do something special. Sadly, he could not escape his background as a child. He fell prey to alcohol and addiction, struggling with severe addiction issues as he dropped out of college. He was even kicked out of the military for similar problems.

He did not give up and he refused to back down. Addiction is a major problem in this country and Alex Miller knew this firsthand. He fought against these issues and won, overcoming them and moving to Atlanta in search of a new beginning. Under the bright city lights, he eventually landed a job at American Express, working in the sales department. He knew he had the capacity to work hard and quickly rose through the ranks at this massive company. Even though he was making a good amount of money, he was still struggling with something internally. That led him to where he is today.