8 Least Known Ways Personal Loans Can Affect Your Credit Score

Everyone finds themselves in situations that require a little extra money to avoid an inconvenience or catastrophe. A personal loan can help a consumer get enough cash to fix their financial issues without collateral. It comes with lower interest rates and can be used to consolidate multiple debts into one manageable debt payment especially in your efforts to regain credit through credit repair Atlanta. Your creditworthiness and credit score can in many ways be affected by a personal loan. Your ability to obtain aloan can be influenced by your credit score too.

Applying for a loan or even getting one can have an impact on your credit rating. It’s important to understand the credit factors that will be considered by the lender and how they can impact their decision about your loan. A personal loan can be useful if used primarily to pay down a current high-interest rate debt. It can also help you reduce the outflow of all monthly payments. Remitting payment on time each month contributes to maintaining or improving credit rating.

Here are ways personal loans can affect credit score:

Personal loans lower your credit utilization ratio

Personal loans are installment loans, and using them to pay off revolving debt can lower the debt utilization ratio. Credit utilization ratio is a calculation of the revolving debt compared with the amount of credit available. So if you are working to improve your credit rating through credit repair Atlanta, a personal loan will impact positively on your credit score. Taking out a personal loan helps to improve debt-to-credit ratio by paying off credit card balances. This will, in turn, boost your credit score.

Personal loans add variety to your credit type

The five factors which determine your credit score according to FICO include the length of credit history, payment history, credit utilization ratio, the credit mix, and new credit inquiries. Credit mix consists of 10% of your credit score, and taking a personal loan will create a mix of credit types that creditors and lenders will view favorably. However, you have to keep up on your payments to ensure your credit score gets a boost from your loan. Defaulting on the debt can hurt your credit rating.

Personal loans can help to establish a payment history

As long as you make full, on-time payments using your loan, your credit rating will improve gradually. The more timely payments you remit, the more your credit score improves for, the better.

They help in debt consolidation

When you pay down your credit card balances by bundling them into one low-interest-rate loan, your credit score will improve. Using a personal loan in credit repair Atlanta for your debt consolidation purposes can help pay downyour credit card balances and save you money in the long run. This is because personal loans come with lower interest rates. Paying off credit cards can boost your credit rating as long as you don’t continue to create new charges on the accounts. The point of consolidation is to get you out of debt and not clear your credit cards to allow you more spending.

Personal loans help to pay down debt easily

Having a new installment account to your credit profile is a plus for your credit report. High interest rates can make paying down existing account balances very difficult. You end up spending a lot on the interest charges if you make monthly minimum payments on your credit card balances. With a personal loan, you can pay off the balances to stop them from accruing high monthly interest charges. However, you should keep the new account in good standing by committing to repay, and then watch as your credit score improves.

Personal loans have their downside too, and can negatively impact your credit scores. Here are some of the disadvantages they may have on your credit:

Having additional inquiries on your credit report

Every lender conducts a credit check whenever you apply for a personal loan. This helps them to gauge your creditworthiness and determine whether or not to lend you their money. Some inquiries may not show up on your credit report. These soft inquiries are performed when you receive a pre-approval notice from your credit card issuer or any other lender. Personal loans and credit card applications create hard inquiries that appear on your credit report and impact your credit score especially if you get denied many times.

Hard inquiries can affect your efforts of getting approved for a loan, so be cautious about any frivolous applications for credit. Note that your credit may drop initially even when you’re approved for a loan. Your efforts for credit repair Atlanta may appear futile, but your credit will gradually improve after making timely payments on your debt.

Personal loans add debt to your credit report

While it helps to simplify your debt repayment and achieve your financial goals, a personal loan should be paid on time to avoid increasing the debt. Ensure that you borrow what you need and what you can pay back comfortably.


Most loans often charge origination fees that are mandatory. The fees can be deducted automatically from the amount you are borrowing. Sometimes late payments can attract expensive overdraft or late fees as a result of late payment. Make sure you remit the minimum monthly payment on time to avoid disrupting the credit repair Atlanta process and hurting your credit score.

There are many ways you can avoid taking out a personal loan, like negotiating your debts with creditors. You have to weigh out your credit score risk before taking out a personal loan. However, if you decide to take a personal loan, you should know that how you manage your repayment is what counts.

The only way to protect your credit score is by keeping up with your payments, maintaining low balances and retaining your credit accounts for long. You should also understand that it takes time to build up your score through credit repair Atlanta.

At Alex Miller Credit Repair, we educate you on how to create a budget, control your spending, and act responsibly with your available credit. We will also show you how taking a personal loan can help you stabilize your finances and give you the tools for handling any opportunities and obstacles that may come along.